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dig blue logoThe Ntouch Digital Business Opportunity is structured like a business in a box, only the box is in the form of a computer, tablet, iPad or any smartphone. The opportunity has been created in such a way as to provide the ability for the right person to be able to start their own business without big investment of money they may or may not have, and see profit from day one.  As an Ntouch Digital Independent Account Manager (IAM) you will use the website to promote the products and services as well as using our Ntouch Digital Delivery system to distribute sales material and gather leads into an easy to use follow-up system. 

It's not magic, it is just simple.  Do Step 1, then Step 2, then Step 3 and repeat that as many times as you can.

Step 1 - Talk to people (Promote your business everywhere you go)

Step 2 - Send the Sales Material through the Ntouch Digital Delivery from your smartphone (they will receive it via text and email)

Step 3 - Follow Up (Login to the Sales Leads Dashboard in the Digital Delivery system and follow up with everyone you have sent information to)

Whether you are looking to supplement your income part-time or can do this full-time and quickly build your business, the Ntouch Digital Business Opportunity can do nothing but MAKE YOU MONEY!  That is not HYPE, it is the SIMPLE TRUTH.


What is Ntouch Digital?

Ntouch Digital is exactly what the name says. It is a way for buisness owners to get in touch and stay in touch with their current customers, clients, members, etc. through means of digital communication such as text, mobile websites and email simultaneously and in real-time. They can also reach prospective customers, clients, members, etc. via the same means.

servicesThere are several different systems within the Ntouch Digital offering and while they all share our core features and functionality, they have each been built to target specific markets with specific features.

With everything going mobile there has never been a better time to launch a business based on products and services with these technologies. The best part is, with Ntouch Digital you don't have to build a system, a website, marketing materials or anything because it has all been done for you.

You will be able to offer your prospective clients,

  • Unlimited Text Communication and Marketing
  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Standard Websites
  • Google Business Services
  • Search Engine Services
  • Design and Branding Services

and more...

You can see more detail at the website


How much am I paid as an Ntouch Digital Independent Account Manager?

As an IAM you are paid 30% commisiion across the board.  What that means is that you get 30% of all setup fees, one-time project costs AND any monthly fees paid by EVERY client you acquire and maintain.  You read that correctly, you get 30% of the monthly fees for each client you aquire and maintain, allowing you to build a monthly residual income for as long as you have your business with Ntouch Digital and maintain your clients.

All service companies understand that the monthly residual service fees that they charge are the future and longevity of their company, but they only pay their sales reps a one time fee from the setup fee and expect their sales reps to stay motivated and do that over and over.  Unlike most of those companies, we believe and understand that our IAMs want the same thing we want as a company, residual income for the future and longevity, so we made it that way!

helpful resourcesUse the calculator in our WIN section to see what that might realistically look like for you.


What do I need to be an Ntouch Digital Independent Account Manager?

  • Self-Motivation
  • A Desktop or Laptop Computer
  • A Smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows or Blackberry)
  • Basic Computer Operation Skills
  • Basic Smartphone Knowledge
  • Around $50 to purchase business cards
  • A Teachable and Winning Attitude
  • A Desire to Succeed

If that sounds like you, we would like to talk to you and would like to help you succeed with Ntouch Digital.


start todayWhat kind of help and support will I get?

We have an entire support and help section on this website for our IAMs as well as a support ticket system and phone support when needed.  We are here to see you succeed, because your success is our success.

As for support to your clients, though you may need to answer some basic questions for your clients about the systems they are using, all technical and system troubleshooting support is handled by our technical staff and through a support ticket system on the client side of the system.  WE are here to help THEM too, after all they are ultimately our client also.


Are there other competitive opportunities out there?

We have done the homework for you and looked around at similar opportunities. We could only find a few and the one that looked closest in services offers a system for Mobile Websites and Texting Services (no Standard Websites, Google Services or Search Engine Services) with their primary focus on Mobile Websites.  The investment to work with that company is $997 to start and a minimum of $197/mo to use their platforms and sell their services plus additional costs as you grow and need room for more customers as well as additional costs for the Texting Service.

So, if you compare the $50 for business cards and the opportuinity you have with Ntouch to that ... No, we have not been able to find an "apples to apples" competitive opportunity.


Is this a good time to start a business like this?

We all know the Internet Age started years back with websites and web marketing becoming the standard for all businesses over the last 9 to 10 years and that is still a basic measure on which businesses are judged by the public today.  Now we are entering the Mobile Internet Age where "mobile-friendly" has become very important and is quickly becoming the standard.  

What that means is that there could not be a better time to enter into a technology service related business opportunity that will build a residual income for you based on those services.  Technology is not going anywhere but up.  We have stayed on the front-end of technology for 14 years and will continue to do so in order to bring the latest and greatest to our Independent Account Managers to offer their clients.  Now, IS the time to start a business like this.


Go to the START section of the website to do your initial interview now!

What have you got to lose?




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