Training Overview


trainAs a qualified Independent Account Manager with Ntouch Digital you will receive all of the training and support you need to be successful.  We realize that knowing your products and services coupled with a winning sales approach is the formula for success.  When you pursue this opportunity using that formula with persistence and consistency you WILL succeed.  How quickly you become comfortable with your knowledge and approach will determine the speed and depth of your success.  

In a nutshell, the major determining factor with this opportunity is YOU.

The Ntouch Digital training the will be available to you in the IAM Login area is:

  • The Ntouch Digital Philosophy and Customer Approach
  • Systems Training (Complete Overview and Training on each Ntouch Digital service you can offer)
  • Basic Sales Training (Do's, Don'ts and 30 Seconds to Building Relationships)
  • Completing the Sale (Closing Questions, Setting Expectations)
  • New Client Entry (Entering New Clients into the systems, Paperwork, etc.)



All of the training videos you will see in the training area will be maintained and updated as the systems are upgraded with new features, so you will always have the Training and Support area to come back to anytime you need a refresher on how something works.


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